Northern Trail District and Unit Leaders and Members,

As you can see in the graphic, we are now in the “Homestretch!”  Our NT 600 Pinewood Derby car just entered the final segment:  400 to 600 scouts.  We are on track to make our NT Goal of adding 600+ new scouts to our District Roster.

We are averaging 14.2 new scout recruits at each school recruit night.  Plus we have approximately 55 new scouts from on-line registration so far.

We have 4 more school nights scheduled from now to October 18th

Encourage all girls and boys in your neighborhoods to attend their School Recruit Nights to sign up!

For the week of October 15th, we have four School Recruit Nights scheduled.  If you would like to help, contact the below Pack Leader to arrange for your participation. 

Wednesday, Oct. 17th

  • Prestonwood – Matt Lyall, Tim McConville, Pack 895, Troop 570

Thursday, Oct. 18th

  • O. Henry – Jenny Butler, Hal Edwards, Pack 871, Troop 777
  • Spring Creek – Brandon Chustz, Tim McConville, Pack 570, Troop 570
  • Prairie Creek – Suzy Fox, Trey Otte, Pack 516, Troop 1001


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School Night for Scouting (SNFS) -- Richardson ISD Elementary Schools RECRUIT NIGHT LINE-UP CALENDAR  
as of September 7, 2018          
    Recruit Night Start Time is 7:00pm unless otherwise noted.      
  TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY   Elementary School Recruit Night Volunteers
  9/4 9/5 9/6   Aiken Joe Tavares
  -- School ONE NONE Arapaho Classical Dartmouth   Arapaho Classical James Wells; Tyler Fair; Alan Melson; Dave Menifee; John Byrd
          -- Leaders n/a Tyler Fair, Lester Cox Jenny Butler, Walt Toler    
          -- Units n/a Pack 751, Troop 444 Pack 871, Troop 81   Audelia Creek Joe Tavares
          Big Springs Doc Linn; Jenny Butler
  TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY   Bowie Tim McConville; Dory Petsrillo; Marie Baert; Matt Lyall
  9/11 9/12 9/13   Brentfield Dory Petsrillo; Lester Cox; Don Blum; Deanna Koenigsterg
  -- School ONE Mohawk Northwood Hills RISD Academy (6:30pm)    
          -- Leaders Andrew Quant, Brent Laffitte Tim McConville, Tim McConville Ken Niederer, Ken Niederer   Canyon Creek Dave Mohn; Lester Cox; Mike Reisinger; Andrew Quant; Trey Otte
          -- Units Pack 893, Troop 895 Pack 570, Troop 570 Pack TBD, Troop TBD    
  -- School TWO Big Springs Yale Skyview   Dartmouth Doc Linn; Jenny Butler; Dave Menifee
          -- Leaders Jenny Butler, Walt Toler Suzy Fox, Walt Toler Roger Vermeulen, John Gordon   Dover John Byrd
          -- Units Pack 871, Troop 81 Pack 516, Troop 81 Pack 473, Troop 707   Forestridge Jenny Butler
  -- School THREE NONE NONE Canyon Creek   Greenwood Hills Barbara Richer; Brent Laffitte
          -- Leaders n/a n/a Andrew Quant, Lester Cox   Hamilton Park Barbara Richer; Brent Laffitte; Hank Voegtle
          -- Units n/a n/a Pack 893, Troop 444   Jess Harben Doc Linn
          Lake Highlands Todd Allen
  9/18 9/19 9/20   Math/Science/Tech Lynda McKnight; Suzy Fox; Dave Menifee
  -- School ONE Jess Harben Dover PACE Richardson Heights   Merriman Park Darian Johnson; Chris Cockrell; Hank Voegtle
          -- Leaders Jenny Butler, Dirk Sutherland Chuck Holden, Peter Ineich Barbara Richer, Brent Laffitte   Mohawk Ken Niederer; Brent Laffitte; Andrew Quant
          -- Units Pack 871, Troop 751 Pack 728, Troop 728 Pack 894, Troop 895   Moss Haven Donna Robinson; Gib Blackman
  -- School TWO NONE Springridge Merriman Park / White Rock   Northlake Hank Voegtle; Tom Crane; Ed Mireles
          -- Leaders n/a Jenny Butler, Dirk Sutherland Chris Cockrell/Darian Johnson, Rainey Berry/John Gordon   Northrich Chuck Holden; Marie Baert
          -- Units n/a Pack 871, Troop 751 Packs 435/891, Troops 435/707   Northwood Hills Tim McConville
          O. Henry Doc Linn
  TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY   Prairie Creek Dave Mohn; Ken Niederer; Trey Otte
  9/25 9/26 9/27   Prestonwood Dory Petsrillo; James Wells; Ken Niederer; Christine Nguyen
  -- School ONE Bowie Math/Science/Technology Lake Highlands    
          -- Leaders Matt Lyall, Ken Niederer Suzy Fox, Peter Ineich Jeff Nicodemus, Todd Allen   Richardson Heights Barbara Richer; Brent Laffitte
          -- Units Pack 895, Troop 1077 Pack 516, Troop 728 Pack 890, Troop 890   Richardson Terrace Lynda McKnight; Suzy Fox
  -- School TWO Hamilton Park Mark Twain Wallace   Richland Barbara Richer; Brent Laffitte
          -- Leaders Barbara Richer, Brent Laffitte Jenny Butler, Doc Linn Darian Johnson, James Hudson   RISD Academy Mike Armbruster; Ken Niederer; Tim McConville
          -- Units Pack 894, Troop 895 Pack 871, Troop 778 Pack 891, Troop 719   Skyview Hank Voegtle; Gib Blackman; John Gordon
          Spring Creek Tim McConville; Dory Petsrillo; Dennis Weigel; James Wells; Jim Farnsworth; Jimmy Greenwood
  OCTOBER       Spring Valley James Wells
  TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY   Springridge Doc Linn; Dave Menifee
  10/2 10/3 10/4   Stults Road Gib Blackman
  -- School ONE Stults Road Richardson Terrace Moss Haven (6:30pm)   Wallace Darian Johnson; Hank Voegtle; James Hudson
          -- Leaders Steven Springs, Rainy Berry Suzy Fox, Dirk Sutherland Roger Vermeulen, Rainy Berry   White Rock Darian Johnson
          -- Units Pack 129, Troop 435 Pack 516, Troop 751 Pack 473, Troop 435   Yale Joe Tavares; Dave Mohn; Doc Linn; Suzy Fox
  -- School TWO NONE Northrich Richland      
          -- Leaders n/a Chuck Holden, Dave Mohn Barbara Richer, Brent Laffitte      
          -- Units n/a Pack 728, Troop 1001 Pack 894, Troop 895      
  -- School THREE NONE NONE Brentfield      
          -- Leaders n/a n/a Ryan Ritsema, Ken Niederer      
          -- Units n/a n/a Pack 1077, Troop 1077      
  10/9 10/10 10/11      
  -- School ONE Audelia Creek Greenwood Hills PACE Aiken      
          -- Leaders Chuck Holden, Peter Ineich Barbara Richer, Brent Laffitte Jenny Butler, Doc Linn      
          -- Units Pack 728, Troop 728 Pack 894, Troop 895 Pack 871, Troop 778      
  -- School TWO NONE Forestridge Northlake      
          -- Leaders n/a Jenny Butler, Rainy Berry Tom Crane, Todd Allen      
          -- Units n/a Pack 871, Troop 435 Pack 890, Troop 890      
  -- School THREE NONE NONE Spring Valley      
          -- Leaders n/a n/a Tyler Fair, Dirk Sutherland      
          -- Units n/a n/a Pack 751, Troop 751      
  10/16 10/17 10/18      
  -- School ONE NONE Prestonwood O. Henry      
          -- Leaders n/a Matt Lyall, Tim McConville Jenny Butler, Hal Edwards      
          -- Units n/a Pack 895, Troop 570 Pack 871, Troop 777      
  -- School TWO NONE NONE Spring Creek      
          -- Leaders n/a n/a Brandon Chustz, Tim McConville      
          -- Units n/a n/a Pack 570, Troop 570      
  -- School THREE NONE NONE Prairie Creek      
          -- Leaders n/a n/a Suzy Fox, Trey Otte      
          -- Units n/a n/a Pack 516, Troop 1001