BSA Adult Leader Training / Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills

BSA Adult Leader Training / Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills


What: This is a two-part course, the first part in in a classroom setting and the second part is in the field at a hands-on campout.  Both parts are required to be considered a fully trained adult leader.

Part 1:  Adult Leader Training course is for any interested Adult to explain and clarify aims and methods of Scouting BSA.   The course addresses how and, most importantly, why Scouting works and will help you to ensure the success of your scouts in your unit. This course is for all Unit Leaders, including Parents and Committee members.

Part 2: You will participate as your scout would in the actual planning and execution of a scout campout while advancing towards the rank of First Class. You will learn by doing at the direction of our experienced leadership team. Expect to learn a lot while having a very enjoyable experience. The participants function as an actual troop would.                       

When: Classroom training: meets on two Wednesday evenings, April 22, 2020 and April 29, 2020, 6:45-9:30 PM Field training: Campout Saturday, May 16 & 17, 2020, 7:45AM  Saturday to noon Sunday  at Camp Wisdom

Where: Classroom training: First United Methodist Church Education Building, 503 North Central Expressway, Map Rooms 203 & 208 Campus Map
 Field training campout:  Camp Wisdom. Map.

Fee: $10 for ALT,  IOLS is an additional $30 to cover the campout costs

Staffing Opportunities Available, please contact Bram Franklin at if you would like to join us. Staffing is rewarding and fun and a GREAT Wood Badge ticket opportunity!