Scouting for Food Areas

Scouting for Food Areas

Note that the 2019 column reflects the
assignments for last year.

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AREA 2020 2019 Map Link  North Boundary East Boundary South Boundary West Boundary
  P719 Map Ferndale / LBJ Plano Road Kingsley White Rock Trail
4     P473 Map Windy Crest / Meadow Knoll Arbor Park / Stone River Meadow Church / Fair Oaks Arborside to Royal West to Greenville Ave.
6     Map Spring Valley Road Hillcrest Road LBJ Preston
9     Map Campbell Road West Lorrie Arapaho Road West Hampshire to Nantucket to Provington
10     Map Spring Valley Road Coit LBJ Hillcrest
11     Map LBJ Dart Rail Line Forest Lane Central Expwy.
12    P516 Map Lookout Drive Jupiter Road Collins Blvd. Plano Road
13     Map Buckingham Audelia Road Walnut Street Abrams Road
14   P570
Map Arapaho Road Coit Beltline Road Hillcrest
16   P570
Map Beltline Coit Spring Valley Hillcrest
17     Map Arapaho Road Bowser Centennial Blvd. Greenville Ave.
18     Map Arapaho Road Plano Beltline Bowser
21   P895 Map Campbell Road Coit Arapaho Road Hillcrest
22     Map Spring Valley Central Expwy. LBJ Coit
23     Map Kingsley Road Plano Northwest Hwy. Audelia
24     Map Kingsley / LBJ Jupiter Northwest Hwy. Plano Road
25 T444  T444 Map Melrose Waterview Dr. Arapaho Road Coit
26   P1010
Map Campbell Road Waterview Drive Melrose Coit
27      Map Beltline Plano Road Spring Valley Bowser


  Map Lookout Custer Pkwy. Campbell Road Floyd
29    P1026 Map Spring Valley Plano Road Buckingham Road B owser
30    P777 Map Beltline Road Jupiter Road Buckingham Road Plano Road
31   P1077 Map Davenport / Brentfield Meadow Creek Arapaho Road Preston
32     Map McCallum Blvd. Coit Campbell Road Preston
33     Map Lookout Drive Collins Blvd. Campbell Road Custer Pkwy.
34     Map Campbell Road Nantucket / Hampshire Arapaho Road Waterview Drive
35 T2054 T2054 Map Collins Jupiter Arapaho Road Plano Road
36 T444   Map LaCosa Hillcrest Beltline Meadow Creek
37    P894 Map Arapaho Waterview Drive Beltline Road Coit
38     Map Arapaho Westshore Beltline Waterview
39     Map Arapaho Central Beltline Thompson / Westshore
40     Map Arapaho Jupiter Beltline Plano
41     Map Beltline Hillcrest Spring Valley Meadow Creek
42     Map Beltline Waterview Drive Spring Valley Road Coit
43   P751 Map Beltline Hyde Park Spring Valley Waterview Drive
44   T728 Map Beltline Central Spring Valley Hyde Park
48     Map Walnut Hill Lane / Kingsley Skillman Meriman Pkwy Fair Oaks
49    P891 Map Kingsley Audelia Road Landshire / Shoreview Geoforth / Whiterock Trail
61    P895 Map Arapaho Meadow Creek Beltline Preston
69    T890 Map Forest Lane Greenville Royal Dart Rail Line
71    T890 Map Walnut Audelia Road Forest Lane LBJ to Greenville
72    T890 Map Walnut Plano Forest Audelia
74     Map Buckingham Jupiter Walnut Street Plano
75     Map Centennial Blvd Plano Walnut Street Audelia
79   P1077 Map Campbell Hillcrest LaCosa Meadowcreek
81     Map Campbell Callejo LaCosa Jupiter
82     Map Lookout Shiloh Campbell Jupiter
Collection Area Assignments
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MAP Tom Thumb Coit

  T719 MAP Tom Thumb Skillman


T1077 MAP Network-Community Ministries