Scouting for Food 2018

Scouting For Food, 2018

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This year on Saturday February 3rd we will not pass out Tom Thumb bags like we typically do. Instead, this year on Saturday February 3rd, our units will have door hangers to distribute door to door. No rubber bands, no printing it yourself, no using square knots to tie bags to doors! This means no more bags blowing around the neighborhoods and no more extra bags cluttering the back seat of your cars! These door hangers will be available for pick up Wednesday am at 926 Wedgewood Way, Richardson. Help yourself but please take only what you need.

Have you ever gone to bed hungry?  Ever worried where your next meal will come from?  Here in the US, we live in the wealthiest country in the world, although more people that you can imagine worry about food on a daily basis. 

Locally, here in the Dallas we have the honor of helping to support  The Network Of Community Ministries

This ministry responds to human need by giving assistance with the goal of helping individuals achieve long-term independence.   One of the ways it responds to the community is with the Food Pantry.  This NETWORK Food Pantry ensures that our neighbors do not go hungry.   This Ministry can’t survive on its own.  It depends on donations to provide the 10,000 pounds of food needed to feed our neighbors during a SINGLE WEEK!

In Scouting, our slogan is, “Do a Good Turn Daily”.  That means doing something to help others each day without expecting something done for you in return.  A Good Turn was what brought Scouting to America.  It is more than just good manners.  It is a special act of kindness.

On February 10th, the Northern Trail District has the opportunity to serve own community and do a good turn for the annual Scouting for Food drive.  As we train up the next leaders for your State and Nation, we need to be good examples with this great act of kindness.  Let’s make sure that we do our part to help our “food insecure” neighbors make sure that they do NOT have to worry about where or when that next meal will come from….

Questions you need to ask yourself.

  • ✓ Is my Troop or Pack signed up again to help?
  • ✓ Are our Scouts ready to serve?
  • ✓ Are our routes for delivery assigned?
  • ✓ Do we have bags to drop off for the 3rd of February?
  • What is our Troop/Packs plan for both the 3rd and 10th of Feb?
  • Can we take on an additional route?
  • ✓ Are we able to do more than we did last year?

Unit Tally Form

If you have any questions about the above or others that you may come up with, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact Scouting for Food Chairman:  Hunter Miller, 214-642-0947,

What have you done today…… to help someone in need?!?!

Hunter Miller