Face to Face Youth Protection Training

Face to Face Youth Protection Training

How do leaders and parents get Face-to-face training?

Training is offered in the district and at the council level. Check the website calendar for times and dates or the district training chair or the council website for upcoming training sessions.

Please sign up on the date you plan to attend.  

Contact the Training Chairman or the Council office for assistance in locating a class.

YPT Champion for Northern Trail:

Contact:  Donald R. Blum
972/566-3808 (voice)

What is face-to-face youth protection? 

Face-to-face youth protection is a 1 hour class taught in person by a certified instructor which covers the details of how to recognize and prevent child abuse. The principal difference over the online version is that it is taught in a classroom session in an interactive way allowing for discussion within the group. A written test is administered as a part of the training.

Is it unique to Circle Ten Council

It is a requirement for specific Texas based youth activities.

Why is it necessary?

The State of Texas requires additional certification beyond what BSA national provides for specific youth activities. This training meets what the State of Texas requires.

What specific activities require face-to-face YPT certification:

  • Adult overnight stays at Council Organized Summer Camps.
  • Leaders who participate at Council Organized Circle Ten Summer Camps
  • Adult participation as leaders at Day Camps
  • Adult overnight stays at Council Organized Circle Ten Winter Camps.

What activities do not require this special certification?

  • Adult overnight participation in troop or pack campouts.
  • Parent visits to any activity which does not involve overnight stays or leadership roles as described above.
  • Day activities such as Cub Fun days.

If a person has a face-to-face certification, is the national on-line Youth Protection training required?

Yes, the on-line YPT training is required for every registered leader. 

How long is the certification valid?

Two years from the date of the training.

If a parent or guardian has no leadership roles, but comes to some events like unit meetings, courts of honor and cub fun days, are they required to have either the YPT or the Face-to-face certification?

Only the national on-line training is required.  We strongly suggest that you have both.