Camporee 2018, 3/23-25/2018

Camporee 2018, 3/23-25/2018

On-Line Registration has ended Contact Tick Hayes at

When:  March 23-26

Where: Camp James Ray  Map

Why: Great fun!

Theme: Shipwrecked   

Leaders Guide: Here

Fee: $10 per participant (adults and scouts)  $20 at the event.  

Unit Registration: (Closed Wednesday, March 22)

Events: This event will be packed with many fun activities and team building challenges. In addition to Seven Troop Competitive stations, we will be hosting several minor events that come with their own prizes.

Scout Master/Delegate Dutch Oven Chili cook off: This one has always been around, we look forward to seeing each Scoutmaster’s own take on how a proper chili should be made. Scout Masters will need to deliver to the dining hall between 3:30 to 3:45, tasting will begin at 3:45.

SPL/Delegate Dutch Oven desert cook off: Similar to the Chili cook off, we want to see what the SPLs can do to really capture everyone’s sweet tooth. SPLs will need to deliver to the dining hall between 4:00 to 4:15, tasting will begin at 4:15.

Sarsaparilla Run: This is a three man relay. First one boy will run to a table with several cups of root beer, he will then drink the whole cup of Sarsaparilla before proceeding to run back to tag one of his other team mates to go. Whoever is the fastest team to get all three boys down and up, wins. This event is open to as many teams of three that want to participate regardless of Troop.

Archery: This event will be open during the entirety of the afternoon events. You will get a certain number of shots; we will record your score and see how well you rank going head to head against other boys. Archery shooting is free.

Rifle Shooting: Same as archery, this event will be open during the entirety of the afternoon events; scouts will go head to head with other scouts and see how they rank. This event will cost TBD. Adults will participate in their own category if they choose to participate. Camps rifles only.

We will be hosting several fun activities that will be not be for an award but will still be around including, Gaga Ball, Tug of War, Human foosball etc.

We are requesting each Troop have a skit prepared for evening auditions for the campfire

Questions: Contact Tick Hayes at

See you there!