2018 Twilight Camp Report

2018 Twilight Camp Report

Although Twilight Camp started with a brief shower on Monday, June 4, the shower soon ended, and the fun began for over 300 Cub Scouts, plus Walking Den Leaders, from Northern Trail District and surrounding districts. Held at the City of Richardson’s Breckinridge Park, the 2018 camp theme was “Passport to Adventure.” The ranks of twilight campers were increased on Wednesday, June 6, when Tiger Cubs joined the older Scouts.\

For the Scouts, the highlight always seems to be the shooting sports-BB guns, archery, and sling shots. The Handicraft area was open to all Scouts in attendance and the sound of construction could be heard throughout the camp. Other areas focused on skills and activities needed to complete parts of the adventures of the Scout’s rank.

Special activities are always a hallmark of Twilight Camp and this year was no exception, with CareFlite landing an Emergency Medical Service Helicopter on Wednesday during dinner. Unfortunately, their time at the camp was limited as their arrival was delayed by a call and their stay also cut short by a call.

On Thursday, we were prepared to have a hot air balloon at camp, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Thunderstorms moving south from Oklahoma arrived just before dinner bringing thunder, lightning, and high winds. This prompted a decision to move all the campers to shelter and start dinner early. Since the storms seemed to linger, the decision was to close camp early. The staff sincerely thanks and appreciates the cooperation shown by all parents in picking up their children early.

Friday was family day. The entire family is invited to join their Scout at camp. The highlight is the egg drop. The point of this is for the Scout to devise a small package that will protect an egg from a 20-foot fall. The Scouts are creative-proposed solutions ranged from bubble wrap to peanut butter. Some ideas were ingenious, like the Scout who wrapped his egg with drinking straws-it didn’t work (maybe a few more layers might help) or another Scout who used plastic spoons as outriggers on his box to cushion the fall (maybe something less rigid would absorb impact).

There are lots of great photos and videos from camp of the camp’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/NorthernTrailTwilight/.

For leadership, Tuesday, June 5, was a big day. Both the Texas Department of Health Services and the Boy Scout’s of America’s National Camp Accreditation Program came to inspect our camp. The camp passed both inspections with no deficiencies. Whew!

Thank you to the adults who came out with their Cub Scouts and to the all-volunteer staff that made camp possible. An even bigger thank you to everyone who helped to get the camp set up on Friday and Saturday, June 1 and 2, and to take down the camp on Saturday, June 9.

Finally, for 2019 the camp theme will be “Under the Sea” and we expect camp to be June 3-9 (barring last minute changes in school schedules). It will also be the first year for Family Scouting, so we’re already expecting a much larger enrollment. Watch the District newsletter and the Facebook page for updates. And consider volunteering for the staff, we have a place for everyone.

Hank Voegtle Assistant District Commissioner
Northern Trail District, Circle 10 Council, B.S.A.
Serving the Richardson I.S.D.