10,000 Strong and Growing: CTX2

10,000 Strong and Growing: CTX2

ALREADY 250 units, representing more than 10,000 participants, have registered for the BIGGEST EVENT IN CIRCLE TEN COUNCIL history...

That's right, CTX2!  The Circle Ten XPERIENCE will be held November 9 - 11, 2018 at Texas Motor Speedway.  You don't want to miss it!!!! 

There will be over 125 different activities, demonstrations, exhibits, and live entertainment for you, your Scouts, and their families to enjoy. All for the low price of $25 per person (ages 4 and under are free).  DON'T WAIT to sign-up!  Campsites are assigned closest "in" based on date of reservation, and your feet will thank you for registering NOW!

Units are also welcome to attend as Day-Visitors (or a mix of campers/day-visitors), but pre-registration is required to lock-in the $25 price.  Walk-ins the day of the event will cost $40/person.

Go to CampMaster to register.

Undecided?  Please check-out the GUIDE YOUR XPERIENCE channel on the Circle Ten Hub.  It is the GUIDE for unit leaders AND participants alike!  THINGS TO DO will give you a comprehensive look at the fabulous program planned. PLAN YOUR VISIT will answer your questions about facilities, and don't forget SHOPPING!  The online trading post is still open for business.

If you have any questions, please contact us at circletenxperience2018@gmail.com.

CTX2 is going to be fantastic.  Don't be last.  REGISTER NOW!